Where To Invest In.

During the lockdown, I had time to experiment and study new technologies. I had some savings but no idea where to invest. I started writing code using some open-source libraries to perform time series forecasting using Bayesian models. The algorithm was able to identify the most interesting Exchange Traded Funds on the market. I couldn't keep the algorithm secret on my hard disk, so I made a platform on top of that. Now, everybody can download the most promising ETF and autonomously invest. For free.

From 2020 I worked on an algorithm that selects the ETFs with the highest probability to grow in the long term.

As all my friends already know, I invested my savings in its predictions. It allowed me to have enough passive income to work on my other projects, like the search engine for street food that I created.

On this page, you will see some of the most promising Exchange Traded Funds.
If you want to download today's prediction from the algorithm, leave your email at the end of the page. It's free.
You will receive an email today with the actual predictions. The system will use it to send you an email containing a recap of the performances six months/one year from now.

The following are some of today's most promising ETFs: